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I saw the movie on Saturday evening and I must say I had mixed feelings with the movie. I’m a BIG X-Men fan myself mind you, and I loved the first two movies directed by Bryan Singer. Brett Ratner has made “X-Men: The Last Stand” on a different line than Singer. The special effects were awesome, but somehow I felt that the feeling which we got from the first two films was missing in the third installment. The feeling of X-Men standing standing together and united was more in this version though. Especially that last fight on Alcatraz. The movie did justice by all the mutants making their mark in the movie. Even though some weren’t for much part of the movie, nevertheless quite a lot of mutants were there and some compromise had to be made.

The plot grips you after the second half, the first one is more of a prelude to the second. The storyline moves well, the buildup to the climax was good, the climax starts well, and then the ending will disappoint some and may be liked by some (I meant about the aftermath) I again had mixed feelings with it. I feel that THAT mutant could have been cured by the CURE rather than being X-ecuted. Anyways go watch the movie and then lets dicuss it further

All in all the goods were more than the bads for this movie and definitely worth a watch, more so if you are a X-Men fan.

I give it 7.5 out of 10

PS: Actually wrote this on Sunday May 28, 2006 – 08:35pm (PDT)

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