Need for Speed XI – Damage?

I was wondering some days back…when was the new NFS (Need for Speed) title coming up. And today my friend gave me a link to a teaser for the upcoming version. I was exited. Wonder whats it gonna be this time. The teaser was, well just a teaser, you just get to see a glimpse of a Mazda RX-7, with lots of stickers and stuff. The teaser tells us that more is to come on May 31, exactly 8 hours and 16 minutes from this very moment as i write. The game title is not known although speculations as to what the Need for Speed XI is officially gonna be known as. The link my friend gave me suggested it will be Need for Speed ‘Damage’. Lets see when EA lets us know more about it. But one thing is sure it wont disappoint. Year after year, they bring out such fantastic games to satisfy our “Need for Speed”. Bring it on EA!
So keep a watch on this one, you can’t miss it. Will post more as i get to know about it. Watch this space.
Official Site with teaser trailer.

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