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Its official now, the game has a name. Like I promised in my earlier post about the game, here it is. The game will be known as “Need for Speed: ProStreet”. The eleventh title in the hugely successful Need for Speed series, is again a street racing game, without cops as things look right now. ProStreet will use the “Autosculpt™” feature available in Need for Speed: Carbon, but of course more advanced than the predecessor. Like EA says “Every dent, every scratch and every crumpled body panel is a battle scar, proof of your commitment and competitive mettle. ” So I guess the game should have lots of damage visible to the car whenever there is a crash. Game AI is improved to make racing more fun. Performance and looks are going to be much more customizable.

“Need for Speed ProStreet accelerates street racing culture by providing the ultimate stage for the pursuit of street racing supremacy,” said Executive Producer, Larry LaPierre. “This is a game about building the ultimate performance-tuned battle machine, taking it to multi-disciplinary showdowns all over the world and pitting your skills and reputation against the very best street racers.” So like Larry LaPierre puts it, this game should have what Underground and Carbon had and much more. Still some more details are awaited about the other features and of course what exotics are going to be featured this time, but Mazda RX-7 is one car surely in the game as it was also featured in the teaser trailer. I will keep posting more as I find them, so watch this space.

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I hope it’s a good game! But from the announcement trailer, it looks like there will be some closed-circuit racing on circular race tracks. Please don’t be NASCAR!

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