Rhain Davis – The new prodigy at Manchester United

These days one kid is attracting the media’s attention. Rhain Davis.

Now first watch this video:

Now you must be awestruck at the stuff this young kid does. Stepovers, 360s, dribbles like a pro, I mean no wonder Manchester United invited this nine-year-old to the academy. He’s already being said as the next “Wayne Rooney”. The kid’s grandpa send a DVD of Davis playing with an Under-10 team in Australia to Manchester United who were impressed and invited him all the way from Australia to England.

A lot is being said about the young lad, but its a big test for him to take, and only if he manages to pass the tests and survives in the football world. He will have to pass the annual cut and then earn a full time scholarship at age 12. And if he does that, who knows we might see him someday playing at Old Trafford! Good Luck kid! The world is watching you.

By Rohit

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