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I bought a new cellphone

So finally after being in the double-mind state as to whether I should or I shouldn’t for quite sometime now, I, suddenly, in 5 minutes decided to get a new phone, and voila!. Now I’m still surprised and smiling whenever I look at the phone. Actually its all thanks to my sister, she was going to get one for her today, and god knows what happened to me, I also got in the mood, and we both ended up getting the same phones.

Its a Nokia 5300 XpressMusic “Transformers Limited Edition” phone. Color is the red variant ofcourse. I always had this phone in mind, for the features it provides in the prices it retails for, is really outstanding. I was going to get the new Nokia 5310 XpressMusic, but then this one comes for just a little more than half of 5310’s price, so I thought this is better, although it ofcourse misses out on some features but I will use the money saved on upgrading my PC.

Its a slider based design and its only my second phone, well third actually if u don’t count my Nokia 2600 which I had to use for a while, thanks to me loosing my Nokia 3120 earlier this year. So now this is a good upgrade, and it has good set of features, a 1.3 megapixel camera, bluetooth, best thing was 256 mb memory card with the pack. So will be great time to pass now, with all the music I can carry along with me now.

Ahh and yes before I forget, the limited edition for Transformers had a phone cover with Transformers text and Autobots and Decepticons sign on the back. And also bundled was a strap with 2 coins kind of things hanging form the strap with the Optimus Prime and Autobots logos on it.

Here are some pics of the phone, the black model is just for visual, mine is red model, didn’t find an image for the slider out for red model:
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6 replies on “I bought a new cellphone”

@ Vivek thanks…yeah lucky me that I got a phone that fits…and its really a great price too.

@Sohail…thanks…it ofcourse has ear phones man…its a XpressMusic phone, it has to have ear phones, it also has a data cable and a 256 MB card


congrats buddy… though the 5310 was going to come out with better camera and all.. but as you said it youself.. it would’ve been way out of your budget.

so, when do we get to read about pc upgrade?

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