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I got a new PC

So finally I got my new PC, well sort of, the main stuff is all new, just retained the monitor, keyboard and mouse, but rest is all new. So I went with Sohail, a BIG thanks to him for tolerating me and accompanying me to Nehru Place, man thats one place where you need time, and lots of time to properly find stuff, and not only that, always do your homework as to what you want to buy and what not, and if config A is not available there should ALWAYS be a config B.

Anyways I went, and the motherboard I wanted was not availble at any store, so then it all started. I didn’t have that plan B, so I tried to call Saurabh, couldn’t get him, so called Anuj, got Nimish’s number called and asked for his suggestions, and then again tried Saurabh and got him this time thankfully, and then after considering I finalised the Intel G33 Motherboard. The processor was Intel Core 2 Duo E4500, and the graphics card was a must buy. The XFX GeForce 8600GT 540M 512MB DDR3 was the one which I was gonna buy, and it was available, but to my delight the DDR3 version was also available and cost some 1200 more than the DDR2 version, so I bought that one, and then 1GB RAM, a 250 GB HDD, and a decent looking cabinet powered by a Rs. 1400 ka GlacialPower GP-SL350C SMPS alone. Jeez! that SMPS extended the budget so did the graphics card. But anyways I got the stuff, and got it for assembling, but the Graphics Card was not in stock, so the dealer got it in some 1 and a half hours, and that was really annoying to wait for something that long. But I guess it was worth the wait. I got it all assembled and took it home, installed the softwares, drivers and stuff, and then fired up Need for Speed: Most Wanted to check out the capabilities of the 8600GT. Quite impressive I must say as I was able to play at high settings with one res above 1024×768. Decent speed overall, will try out a few more benchmarks, but I’m sure this will last for another span of 3 years atleast. Thats what my earlier rig lasted, could have lasted more but for the AGP design and some bothering mobo.

Here are the specs:
Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E4500
Intel® Desktop Board DG33FB
Kingston 1 GB DDR2 RAM
XFX GeForce 8600GT 540M 512MB DDR3
Seagate 250GB SATA
GlacialPower GP-SL350C Power Supply

The XFX GeForce 8600GT:
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The rig installation:
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The mess, 3 HDDs, 80+160+250=490 gigs…thats nearly half of a terabyte.
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I'm a simple guy, love Formula 1(Ferrari), football (Manchester United), love computers, gaming, learning multimedia.

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