Max Payne Trailer Preview

Now every gamer knows Max Payne, he doesn’t need any introduction. But not everyone of these gamers know that there is a movie coming out based on our favorite game. Yes, you read it correct, Max Payne the movie. And here is a trailer, watch it.

Mark Wahlberg plays the role of Max Payne and Mila Kunis plays the role of Mona Sax. Its looks great, Mark Wahlberg is a great actor and it even gave us some glimpses of that “bullet-time” action. I hope it lives up to the hopes of many Max Payne fans around the world. Video game adaptations usually dont always work, but this movie I hope changes that notion. The movie releases on October 17, 2008.

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2 replies on “Max Payne Trailer Preview”

Wohoo! Will it have the same storyline? Don’t u think stuff like Valkyr, the Norse-connections etc will be too much for a movie?

Personally, I’d have liked to see Timothy Olyphant play Max. But looking at the way Hitman shaped up, I guess Wahlberg will be a better fit.

Well these days nothing can be too much for a movie 😛 As for Max, Wahlberg is fine to me. What about Mona? 😛 I think Kunis is perfect for her 😀

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