2008 Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix Preview

Its the final race of the season and its the Brazilian Felipe Massa in his home race against the Brit Lewis Hamilton. The math is simple:
Hamilton will be champion if:
– He finishes fifth or higher
– He finishes sixth and Massa is second or lower
– He finishes seventh and Massa is second or lower
– He finishes eighth and Massa is third or lower
– He fails to score and Massa is third or lower

Massa will be champion if:
– He wins and Hamilton finishes sixth or lower
– He finishes second and Hamilton is eighth or lower

If the pair are tied on points at the end of Sunday afternoon (which would happen is Massa wins with Hamilton sixth, or if Massa finishes second with Hamilton eighth), Massa would win the title by virtue of more victories (six to Hamilton’s five) or more second-place finishes (three to Hamilton’s two).

So there you have it, both know what they have to do, and both know the stakes. Hamilton might be in a comfortable position thanks to the seven point lead he has, but he knows that it aint over till its over, and Massa would love to win the title at home infront of his fans and becoming the first Formula 1 champion since the great Ayrton Senna. Last season too Hamilton was in a comfortable position, he lost the title to Kimi Raikkonen. Constructors’ wise, Ferrari’s 11-point lead should be enough to win their title from McLaren. BMW Sauber is 10-point behind McLaren so they still have an outside chance of grabbing second from McLaren.

Its also the final grand prix of David Coulthard, aka DC. The oldest man on grid and a veteran of 245 grands prix starts, DC has been a popular figure in F1. Never won the title, 13 wins over a career of 15 years, with his last win in the 2003 season. Not an out and out championship material but he’s been always a tough guy to overtake. DC will surely be missed in F1. Farewell DC.

Here is the race schedule (all timings are in IST):
FRI Practice 1      17:30
FRI Practice 2     21:30
SAT Practice     18:30
SAT Qualifying     21:30
SUN Race     22:30

You just cant miss all the action. And I hope its Massa who wins it.

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