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Starting with this post, I’ll regularly post about some very useful Firefox addons, which really help me with various tasks/things. You might be already using some of those which I mention, but just incase you missed any, here they are. So to kick off the series, I found 2 very cool addons for using tabular data on a webpage.

Quite often I come across some webpages which has some tabular data, and I need to copy that to a spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel. Firefox lets you select individual cells by pressing Ctrl and clicking the particular cell, but when you paste it in Excel, its pasted in a single cell. Not exactly how I wanted it to be. So I came across these 2 fantastic Firefox addons which not only solves this problem, but also gives you more ways to make use of the data.

This is the addon for the basic problem of copy pasting tabular data in Excel, which it does pretty neatly. Just right click on the web page where the tabular data is and select “Copy whole table”, and it copies the data on the clipboard. Now paste it in Excel and you’ll have it just the way you wanted. Pretty useful.
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This is a much advanced addon, and it lets you even sort the table, right there, in a webpage. You can filter the data, and even export it as text delimited and some more formats.
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