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Google Bookmarks – Managing Bookmarks Made Easy

We all use bookmarks, and chances are we have lot of websites bookmarked in our favorite browser. And we don’t always remember each and every bookmark we have in the browser. Now you are not on your regular computer and you don’t have your bookmarks in this PC at a cyber cafe, or your university or office, or anywhere else. And you wanted to access that webpage you bookmarked last week, but you can’t recall it. So how can you still access that bookmark? Although there are lot of bookmark syncing addons available for Firefox for that, but for that one needs to install the addon in the browser. Google Bookmarks on the other hand lets you store your bookmarks in your Google account and which you can access from anywhere by either the Google Toolbar or the Google Bookmarks web page. You can export or import the OPML files to and from Google Bookmarks, even import bookmarks from Firefox using the Google Toolbar. It makes it easy to access your bookmarks from anywhere just from your Google Account. The best part is that it always acts as a backup, should anything catastrophic happen to your browser or your PC. You always have a copy of the list of your favorite websites in your Google Account.

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