Google Chrome

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Whenever Google comes up with something new, it grabs the headlines, but surprisingly, when a product of this magnitude and importance, a “Google” web browser is being launched, I didn’t even know about it before a day of its launch. Now I’m a regular net user and Chrome’s launch couldn’t have escaped my eyes, but maybe Google didnt publicise it much or I didn’t really pay attention. Whatever the case, the Google browser is here and its a typical Google product.

Google Chrome is “very” minimalistic and simple, its free and an open source software. Has the regular browser features like Tabbed Browsing, bookmarks, but all you see on the browser is the address bar and a tab, it doesn’t even have a status bar or a menu bar, although you do see the URL of a link when you hover your mouse over it in the area where the status bar usually is. The browser options are very limited and you can’t play around with so many settings which the other browsers provide you. The address bar also lets you do a web search and access web history right from the address bar. While opening a new tab it lets you choose among the most visited websites displayed in a thumbnail grid similar to that of IE 7, Opera. If you close any tab and open a new tab, it displays the list of recently closed tabs right next to the most visited thumbnail grid. Then there is a Incognito mode, which is more like a browser without leaving a trace, whatever you browse isn’t added in the web history, and wont even leave the cookies behind. Useful if its on a public computer or office networks where you don’t wanna leave a trace behind. The download manager is pretty much like Firefox with Download Statusbar installed, although it doesn’t show the download speed, or the progress in percentage. It sites neatly in the bottom of the browser window.

Download in Chrome
Download in Chrome

My browsing experience was pretty good with Chrome, with web pages loading very quickly and efficiently. The memory consumption is pretty much like what IE 7 consumes. So in short it looks promising but a great deal of work needs to be done on the browser. I for now will still use Mozilla Firefox as I’m so used to it that without some of the addons which I use in Firefox, I can’t enjoy my browsing experience. I’m sure Google will be adding the addons functionality, although I read at Wikipedia that it doesn’t support the *.xpi extension architecture which Firefox uses, so I’m not quite sure if Google can manage that level of addon functionality, so till then I guess I’ll be using Mozilla Firefox.

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Firefox 3 is released

So after much fanfare and anticipation, Firefox 3 was released at 22:30 Indian Standard Time, and thats when all hell broke loose as the Firefox Download Day arrived as they attempt a Guiness World Record .

11:42:06 PM IST: Servers are down, I can’t access,, seems to work but the download button takes me to firefox 2’s download page.

12:12:48 AM IST: Still the same situation

1:12:01AM IST: Now its the opposite, I can access and, but now is down. Anyways I’m downloading my copy of Firefox 3 now…finally

1:18:05 AM IST: Found this “ web traffic is pushing well over 2 Gigabits a second of just pure HTTP traffic. That is in addition to the 13 Gigabits a second or so of download traffic. We are still at around 14,000 download/minute and is responding well! Go Mozilla community and IT team!”
BTW Firefox downloaded and installed

1:42:54 AM IST: is back online, and and are also online.

2:41:40 AM IST: All the sites are working fine. Its too late in the night, I’ll goto sleep now, and will download at my office as well.

10:28:04 AM IST: All the sites are still working fine. I downloaded one in my office and installed it.

So Firefox is installed and as expected a few of the Firefox 2 addons are not compatible. Their new versions should come out eventually in a few days. As for the mozilla servers, it seems like the servers are in much better shape now as all the sites are online.

Man its so fast! Its really a big improvement atleast in terms of browsing speeds. Sites load so fast in it, and things are working fine, no crashes or anything like that. I just love Firefox.