Nike Total 90 Tracer Premier League Football

Nike is back with its Total 90 range of football with the ball – Tracer.

Nike Total 90 Tracer PL Football
Nike Total 90 Tracer PL Football

This ball would be the official ball of the Premier League. According to Nike “This innovative ball matches your level of play with high-performance benefits to help you beat the other side. Made with advanced Geo-Balanced II technology, the T90 Tracer PL features geometrically precise panels to distribute pressure evenly across the surface. That means you’ll get a more consistent, powerful strike, regardless of where you hit the ball.”

The ball looks great with a new design for the season.

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Nike T90 Ascente Strike EPL Football

Nike T90 Ascente Strike EPL Football
Nike T90 Ascente Strike EPL Football

Nike has unveiled the new football for the 09-10 Barclays Premier League season, the Nike T90 Ascente Strike EPL Football. The T90 Ascente has the following improvements over the previous football.

  • 360 Sweet Spot
  • Longer Range
  • Inceased Visibility
  • Higher Accuracy
  • Greater Speed

Nike claims that the ball has been “lab-tested” & “wind-tunnel” tested for unrivaled flight and accuracy. Check out more about the T90 Ascente on Nike Football.

Nike Mercurial Vapor IV Rosa – A Pink Boot!

A “Pink” football boot? See it to believe it!

I have seen red Mercurial Vapors, orange Mercurial Vapors worn by Cristiano Ronaldo, but pink! Thats a first! And I’m not sure if I liked it or not. But yeah Nike does manage to make boots in all sorts of colors, especially the Mercurial Vapors, and the T90 Laser.

Nike T90 Laser II

The new avatar of the famous Nike T90 series is out and its even better. It now has a even better “sweet spot” and a new “V-twin lacing” for better contact. They again have some color combos like the one in the pic below featuring a black and green combination, then they also have white/red combo, black/orange. Read more about the Nike T90 Laser II. We’ll get to see Wayne Rooney and Fernando Torres sporting these shoes in the Premier League. The boot is really a mean looking thing, wonder what havoc Rooney and Torres are gonna wreak in the Premier League now 😛

Nike T90 Laser II Boot

Nike T90 Laser II Boot

There is also a new ball called Nike T90 Laser II Omni. Its a new looking ball with a very new design. Like Nike puts it “The revolutionary T90 Omni Ball provides a 360-degree sweet spot, increased visibility and cutting-edge panel architecture, there’s never been a more consistently accurate Nike ball.” It will feature in the Premier League’s new season as well.

Nike T90 Laser II Omni Ball

Nike Total 90 Laser

I went to the mall on Sunday, and I saw that Nike had some new range of football boots. The new Total 90, Tiempo, the Ronaldinho 10R, (the Mercurial were still missing) and amongst them there was one which attracted special attention from me. They were the T90 Lasers!!!

Here is the official word about it:
“The Nike Total 90 Laser is the new boot choice of England and Manchester United”s Wayne Rooney, creating a revolutionary enhancement of the Total 90 series.

Applying the learning from sports like golf or tennis, the expanded Sweet Spot on the Nike Total 90 Laser allows the athlete to maximise shooting and passing accuracy through better boot to ball alignment and targeting.

Unique precision rings create optimum trajectrory, spin and distance control. Twisted medial rings provide more agggressive contact, enhancing ball spin and swerve opportunities.”

I could recognize those bright yellow boots anywhere! I just went and picked it up in my hands and boy it was amazing! I’ve been viewing the Nike site quite often of late and saw the new boots there, but never thought when I would ever see it in real, but there it was. I was delighted to see and touch them! It had amazing quality finish, the sole had a good pack of studs and blades. The uppers were just oozing quality. Awesome sweet spot, I wish I could have them, but the price tag was way beyond my reach. Anyways was a great boot to have a look at.

Please do visit the Nike site for more cool videos and stuff about the T90s. The “Put it where you want it” Video is great, with the kick showed in various angles. Do watch it!

Some Pics:
Nike Total 90 Laser

Nike Total 90 Laser

Nike Total 90 Laser