PVRCinemas.com gets a redesign

My favorite cinemas’ website www.pvrcinemas.com goes under a complete redesign and it looks a lot better now. I didn’t like the earlier design and the redesign was long overdue. The new avatar is a welcome change. And it looks really good. It has a book ticket box on the right side this time, earlier it was on the top. The now showing and coming soon thing is again a good addition. Rest is not much to talk about.

Here is the redesign

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Yahoo! to get a new look

Yahoo! Logo
Yahoo! Logo

I was browsing Mashable, where I found this post about Yahoo!’s redesign of their homepage. Check out the post on Yodel Anecdotal about the new design. They have a screenshot on the page too, or you can get a bigger version of it on Flickr. Like they mentioned in the post, the Yahoo! logo is now purple on the page, and it looks cool. The overall design is also pretty good. I like the clean layout and crisp fonts used everywhere. Its very much with the current design trend. No word about when its going to made live.

My orkut gets the new look!

Just a few days back I made a blog post about the new look orkut was coming up with, and when I logged in today I found that new design on my orkut account. I asked my friend to check his, he was still on the older design. So that means like orkut said this is still being done in phases. So I expect it will take some days for everyone to get the new look.

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Although the page structure is still pretty much the same, I think they just changed the CSS and images and tweaked the layout a bit to make this new look. The good thing they’ve done is that they’ve put a scrapbook link too in the top navigation, its pretty handy when you want to goto your scrapbook from any page.

It will take sometime getting used to it. But yeah it does look good.

Orkut to get new look!

I had been expecting this since sometime now…and orkut finally had this small message today signaling about upcoming new look.

Here is the official blog post about it on the orkut Blog

And here is the screen shot of the site

I have mixed feelings with this look, there is just too much white, the communities and friend list look a bit odd on that white thing…although the design is still pretty good and neat. Anyways good that they are improving this after recently winning the 2007 Pepsi and MTV Youth Icon. Great going guys!