Reliance ADAG’s Big Home Video to distribute Warner Home Video

Just recently I posted about Reliance ADAG’s interest in forming a new production house with Steven Spielberg, and then this news comes out, that Big Home Video, one of Reliance ADAG’s entertainment company has signed with Warner Home Video to become the exclusive licensee in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. This means that Reliance is seriously entering the entertainment business with all the happenings. They have already launched a movie rental website, BigFlicks which means that even the Warner movies could be on the rental distribution too. Warner is a well known production house with a large number of big movies like Superman, Batman, Harry Potter, The Matrix Series, Ocean’s 11and many more.

Source: Business Standard


Reliance ADAG to form new DreamWorks?

Yes you read that correct, from a casual browsing of some movie related news I landed upon a news that caught my eye. India’s Reliance ADAG or Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group was in talks with DreamWorks to form a new studio with the DreamWorks’ co-founder Steven Spielberg. Spielberg founded DreamWorks in 1994. Since Paramount now owns DreamWorks, Reliance and Mr. Spielberg will form a new studio, IF the deal does work out. According to the various sites which carried the news, the new group will get most of its money from Reliance ADAG. Its ofcourse a great event in the history of film making becaue the biggest filmmaker in Hollywood would be teaming up with the biggest company in India. Reliance ADAG is already involved in the entertainment business with Adlabs, Big 92.7 fm and BigFlicks to name a few. And the teaming up with Steven Spielberg will do wonders, as both Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks need no introduction. They have made some well known movies like Saving Private Ryan, Minority Report, War of the Worlds and Transformers to name a few. So if the things work out, the upcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen could well be under the new group.

Source: NYTimes


Mukesh Ambani, the first Indian trillionaire

Indians are really flying high, I was like shocked when I read this piece of news on, its about Mukesh Ambani becoms a trillionaire!!! Really amazing…Indians are gaining a strong foothold amongst the richest people.

“Ambani’s cumulative wealth based on his promoter holding in group companies, led by India’s most valued firm RIL, rose to Rs 2,04,945 crore (Rs 2,049.45 billion) at the close of Tuesday’s trading, consolidating his position as the richest Indian businessman.

His younger brother Anil stood at second position with a net worth of Rs 1,17,710 crore (Rs 1,177.10 billion), taking a marginal lead over realty giant DLF’s K P Singh who has a net worth of Rs 1,15,225 crore (Rs 1,152.25 billion).”