Terminator Salvation: Teaser Trailer

The wait is finally over and here is the first teaser of Terminator Salvation. Like I promised in my earlier preview of Terminator Salvation, here is the teaser for the movie starring Cristian Bale.

Ok before some more chitchat, here the link, go watch the video on Yahoo! Movies:

Now that you have watched it, I’m sure many of you must be wishing for more. Well bad news, not much is revealed, teasers are meant that way, but I’m sure we will get some more info and trailers after sometime, which I’ll keep you informed about. As for this trailer, we didn’t get much glimpse of Christian Bale or Sam Worthington, but it looks promising.


Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins Preview

“WHAT!”, was my reaction when I read about the fourth movie in the series, “Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins” or “Terminator 4” if you would like to call it, but the man who plays John Connor is no other than Christian Bale himself, and not only that, its slated for a May 22, 2009 release and the first trailer can be seen as early as The Dark Knight’s release!!! I mean this all came out of nowhere for me, as I didn’t read about it anywhere until now. I’m a Christian Bale fan ever since I saw Batman Begins and The Prestige, and I hope this movie does well as he is a very good actor and I would have high expectations from it.

Now as far as I remember the movie was going for a reboot and was supposed to have a different storyline and stuff. Ok so from what I managed to dig out from the internet, it does get a reboot, as its different from the time travel thing it had.

On May 23, 2008, Warner Bros. released the following plot summary for the film. The synopsis was modified on June 11, 2008:
“Set in post-apocalyptic 2018, John Connor (Christian Bale), the man fated to be the leader of the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators, and the future he was raised to believe in is altered in part by the appearance of Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), a Terminator whose last memory is of being on death row. Connor must decide whether Marcus has been sent from the future, or rescued from the past. As Skynet prepares its final onslaught, Connor and Marcus both embark on an odyssey that takes them into the heart of Skynet’s operations, where they find out a terrible secret that may lead to the possible annihilation of mankind.”
Source: Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins page on Wikipedia

So there you have it, the plot of the movie, I don’t know more about it, but will surely post more as soon as I find out. Watch this space!

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