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Vaishno Devi Trip

Jai Mata Di!
My small vacation finally ended when I returned from Jaipur yesterday. It was a memorable trip, had lots of fun. I went to the Holy Shrine along with my friends. I will put this as a part by part story.
Gurgaon to Jammu: My friends were coming from Jaipur, they had already boarded the train from Jaipur, I was to board in the way from Gurgaon. They train was an hour late from the originating station itself, and kept on getting late and late, and reached my station an hour and thirty minutes late. I finally got in the train and we moved to the Delhi station, where we had our dinner. Then the journey started towards Jammu. The journey was quite OK. Got quite cold once we got into Punjab in the early morning. And finally the train got to the Jammu Tawi station at around 10:45am.