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Was Varys foreshadowing Littlefinger’s future?

Varys foreshadowing Littlefinger

Most of us have seen the grand and amazing penultimate episode of Season 6, “Battle of the Bastards”. A lot has already been written in praise for the showdown between the 2 most popular bastards in Westeros. Things weren’t looking great for Jon, until someone shows up at the last moment with the Knights of Vale marching beside him, yes, I’m talking about Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger.

We might be praising him for rescuing Jon, and helping Starks win back Winterfell and install them back as the Lord of Winterfell. He did, after all, what was presumably asked of him by that secret letter Sansa wrote to him.

But amidst all the hoo and whaas of the Battle, and the reunion of the dragons in the episode, we missed thinking of what lies ahead of this happy reunion of the true Kings of the North with their beloved castle. WHY did Littlefinger really help Sansa? Was it pure love for her? Was it his way to winning her trust back? Or was this all a part of his scheme. We have seen what he can do now haven’t we? He is the one who started the War of five kings. He is the one who plotted Joffrey’s murder, and rescued Sansa from King’s Landing. He is the one who gifted Sansa to Ramsay in order to get Winterfell back in Stark hands. He is the one who killed Lysa to get Vale under his command. And he is the one who decided the outcome of the Battle of the Bastards. See where I’m going with this?

Now about the foreshadowing, his old friend (arguably?) Lord Varys, once had a very interesting conversation with Olenna Tyrell in Season 3, Episode 4 “And Now His Watch Is Ended”. Quoting him:


Lord Varys: Littlefinger is not long for the capital. A confidant of mine has told me that when he goes, Sansa Stark goes with him.
Lady Olenna Tyrell: And why have you come to me with this matter?
Lord Varys: Littlefinger was born with no lands, no wealth, no armies. He has acquired the first two. How long before he has the army?
[Olenna smiles]
Lord Varys: Perhaps you’ll laugh, but I know him better than most, and this is the truth. Littlefinger is one of the most dangerous men in Westeros. If Robb Stark falls, Sansa Stark is the key to the North.
Lady Olenna Tyrell: And if Littlefinger marries her, he’ll have the key in his pocket.
Lord Varys: Which seems such a shame. Why should a man with such a low reputation steal away such a lovely bride?
Lady Olenna Tyrell: [chuckling] You must despise him, you’re working so hard to undermine him.
Lord Varys: Actually, I rather enjoy him. But he would see this country burn if he could be king of the ashes.
Lady Olenna Tyrell: You are a clever man, Lord Varys.
Lord Varys: You are too kind. I believe I have a possible solution.
Lady Olenna Tyrell: One doesn’t need to be clever for that. It’s all rather obvious, isn’t it?

If the latest episode is any indication, things are working out quite well for Littlefinger since then. Could he go on to become a major player in fight for the throne? He might marry Sansa and control the North, and that’s where most of the upcoming threat is. The White Walkers. Eventually people might wake up to realize the actual threat is up North, and Littlefinger could play his hand in one way or another. What do you think his game plan is?