Google Talk speaks to Orkut

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I logged into my Orkut account as usual, and I noticed something new. Yes!!! Google finally did it! I wanted that feature so badly, Google integrated Orkut and Google Talk this morning, which will now allow you to import all your orkut contacts into the Google Talk messenger, and now chat with all your orkut buddies. This will be a great thing to all those who use the scrapbooks like a chat window, so thats a great news. Google keeps getting better and better. Whenever anyone of your friend will be online on Google Talk, their online status will be visible in the friends list as well, so you now know who all are online. And Google Talk has got some more buttons which is due to the orkut integration. Prominently the scrap button (it opens the scrapbook of the user) and other the view profile button (it opens the user’s profile)
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with the gTalk orkut integration, scraps might lose their charm soon.

now orkut needs to put the feature that lists each and every person who visits your profile for the day, not just the last 5.

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