Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – A Legend

“Beckham… into Sheringham… and Solskjær has won it!”
these words from Clive Tyldesley during the 1999 UEFA Champions League Final are forever going to remind us of the great night at Camp Nou in Barcelona on 26 May 1999. Manchester United won the European Cup and sealed a Treble season. All thanks to one man…Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The legend now retires from football, but he will be always remembered and missed at Old Trafford.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is a legend not just because he scored that goal in Barcelona. Indeed he did become legendary because of that, but his reputation as a super sub has always been rising. That goal against Liverpool in the FA Cup in the fifth round, also elevated him in the fan’s eyes. And that tackle on Rob Lee against Newcastle, when he started 10 yards behind Lee, chased him all the way and, just outside the box, hacked Lee down before being shown the inevitable red card. He got a standing ovation for a red card, such was the respect for the man’s selflessness and love for Manchester United. And the 4 goals he scored in 20 minutes as a sub.

He eventually made 366 appearances for United, scoring 126 goals. Today when he is retiring people have only good words for the man. Because he never was in the news other than for his football. Like my friend Raju puts it…
“In the days of “i want more money”, “I movefor money” this baby faced killer, just stuck on with us, nevercribbing about chances/starts/money/status. A role model for many, rivals/mancs, everywhere”

The famous banner “20 LEGEND” on Stretford End in Old Trafford says the whole story. Not many players get this honor to have their banner on the stadium, but this man Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has it.

Some articles worth reading about Solskjaer. Here is a piece written by my friend Raju(
After being with us for 11 years, goals, vital goals, crucial goals, priceless goals, match winners, league winners, championship winners, he calls it a day.

In the days of “i want more money”, “I movefor money” this baby faced killer, just stuck on with us, never cribbing about chances/starts/money/status. A role model for many, rivals/mancs, everywhere

Indeed, so much did he stir the passions of every football fan it was tempting to wonder whether therehas been someone who commanded this respect, even from rivals.
Onhis peak , he was the best finisher in the league, ahead of anyone, anyteam could throw in. When not in his peak, he was the best finisher at Old Trafford.

Staying back at OT, over his injury laden two and a half seasons, coaching/assisting the Academy/Reserves coaches.

Coming back with a 11 goal season… I dont know what the fuck i have to write now.
For everyone the last gap winner against Ze Germans would be the greatest Ole moment, but for me its the tackle against Rob Lee and the Straight red afterwards, sums up what Ole was, the Ultimate Team Man, 11 of those and you are the manager with the best sleeps.
Stretford End Second Tier : 20Legend.
Numerous chants ……
Supporters United….
Ole, if someone will be missed, it wont be the King, Becks, Keano, Rudd, it will be you.

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