Happy Diwali from me and Orkut, and some orkut updates

Happy Diwali everyone.

I just logged into my orkut account and saw a “Happy Diwali” message and a picture of deepak next to the logout button. And when you click it you get a new skin based on the festival of Diwali. Looks nice, but can’t use it forever, so there is a revert option, click on the”Happy Diwali” message on the top of your screen, and it changes back to the blue theme.

Orkut also added a new feature, “ask friends”, it lets you ask some questions to your friends in private. It can be found in add stuff option in the left navigation. And you can now add upto 100 images in your album, hmmm…now thats a lot.

Here is a screenshot of the new “Diwali skin”
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