What is wrong?

What is wrong with the system, the things related to normal functioning, its all missing. The world is going absolutely crazy and the people who take care of the law is even crazier.

Watch this video for a start.

Now can someone explain to me what was the police doing in the video? And is the Indian media only there to cover the stories? Was the camera man and his team just to shoot the “event”? Is it not their moral right to do something and stop, ok forget them. The police is just standing and watching as if its a film shooting going on. And there are hundreds of more such incidents where the camera is showing a person litting himself/herself on fire. They are just standing there watching it and covering it for their channels! No one is going forward to stop that person from doing so! How…aarrghh I can’t even find a suitable word for it. I mean whats wrong with everyone?

First bomb blasts and now the attack on Mumbai again, and this time its open firing at a railway station, 2 five star hotels under attack, bomb blasts again, and the ATS chief and 2 more policemen have died along with 80 people and counting. Whom should we blame exactly? Is it just the government? Ok even if we remove Congress will this all end? Does BJP have a magic wand? The famous 2001 Indian Parliament attack was under BJP rule, what about that then? Why just to blame Congress, ask this question to yourself. Is it just the ruling govenment responsible for it? Is it so easy to check each and everyone at a place like Mumbai CST? Is it just the Govenment? Practically can they check each and everyone? And this time they attacked a 5 star hotel of all places. Who in the world would expect them to attack a luxury hotel? How many places will they deploy police? India being such a huge country, how many places can police keep vigil? I’m not trying to save or defend the govenment or anything, but asking just a practical and fair question, we just go around blaming everyone we can and everything we can. What really is the cause of all this? No one thinks of it. The terrorism issue has been a very big issue over the years with uncountable number of lives lost and being lost everyday. All parts of the country are affected by the attacks. But the problem still remains, which I can’t seem to understand is not so visible to us all and even if it is the solution is not. What do we need to do to get rid of all this? I in my opinion firmly belive that now its high time something is done in the direction of serious investigation and involving everyone who can help the cause, be it the intelligence, be it the army, be it the police or be it international intelligence. Somehow the root sources of the problem have to be identified and removed. No cases no public court hearings, just remove all those elements which are causing such incidents.

And not just this, the recent issue in Mumbai about the locals nonlocals, I mean give me a break! Its 21st century for christs sake! People are going abroad to earn a living and they are still crying for a state? I mean what difference does it make if someone is going to Mumbai or Delhi to make a living? What difference does it make? Its one nation and every citizen has a right to live anywhere and work anywhere. Why can’t they do something good for the nation and stop cribbing about matters which are so stupid that it creates unnecessary friction and causes the environment hostile.

I think I have been talking a lot about the issues, but seriously there has to be an answer to all this. What is wrong?

By Rohit

I'm a simple guy, love Formula 1(Ferrari), football (Manchester United), love computers, gaming, learning multimedia.

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It’s A Real Shame That India’s Commercial Capital Had Had To Bear The Brunt Of Terrorism On So Many Occasions.The Fact That So Many Manged To Penetrate The System Points To Major Lapses In Intelligence.
For Now,All We Can Hope Is That The Ordeal Gets Over Without Further Loss To Life And Property(Can’t Forget The Scene Of Mumbai’s Most Famous Hotel Burning).
May The Victims Rest In Peace,And The Terrorists Rot In Hell.

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