A Raja’s house – Fake chain mails

Ever since Mr. Andimuthu Raja (aka A. Raja) became famous thanks to his 2G spectrum scam, people have been circulating chain mails about a house which supposedly is of Mr. Raja. The house in question is this:

The Glass Pavilion by Steve Hermann
The Glass Pavilion by Steve Hermann


Now no matter how rich a person is, owning such a house in reality is an impractical thing. Who lives in a glass house for crying out loud? And had he been living in such a place wouldn’t that have raised eyebrows? But no, people like to believe in such mails, without using even a little bit of common sense. So I just did a little bit of Google to find out where this house actually is, and found it half way across the world from India, in California, United States of America. The house is known as “The Glass Pavilion” and belongs to California-based designer and developer Steve Hermann.

Visit the website of Mr. Steve Hermann and select projects in the bottom navigation. Then select Glass Pavilion to see the pictures.

So I hope the issue is settled once and for all as whether that house is actually of A. Raja.

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