Who’s the fastest? Kimi Raikkonen

He might not be in the best of positions in this year’s Formula 1 World Championship, but when its all about going around the track the fastest, no one beats Kimi, the flying finn has been in flying form when its about fastest laps. Raikkonen has already got 10 fastest laps this year, even with three races remaining, and no other driver has even more than 2 fastest laps, its pretty clear who’s the fastest on track, and the biggest surprise is that Lewis Hamilton, who is leading the World Championship doesnt even have a single fastest lap this season! Last season too Kimi had the most number of wins and shared the highest number of fastest laps with Felipe Massa. And not only that, Kimi is already upto third in the all time fastest laps list.

Top ten drivers in Formula 1 with fastest laps
1. Michael Schumacher     76
2. Alain Prost     41
3. Kimi Räikkönen     35
4. Nigel Mansell     30
5. Jim Clark     28
6. Mika Häkkinen     25
7. Niki Lauda     24
8. Juan Manuel Fangio     23
9. Nelson Piquet     23
10. Gerhard Berger     21


Kimi Raikkonen is the 2007 Formula One World Champion

Kimi Raikkonen won the Brazilian GP to win the 2007 Formula One World Championship by just a single point! F1 hasn’t been so closely fought over the recent years, and it was a fitting finale to a dramatic and eventful season. I’m glad I saw the race, exiting from start to finish.

Lewis Hamilton got so close to winning it, and even Alonso, but for Kimi to take the title eventually by a point’s margin. It must be said still that Hamilton came on the verge of making history by winning a F1 world championship in his maiden attempt, he still created waves nevertheless and it hit Fernando Alonso as well. I don’t quite imagine that I will see Alonso in McLaren next season. Its going to be tough for the relationship that he has with McLaren to get better and last another season. Anyways its Ferrari’s day and it was a fabulous teamwork in the end which saw them winning the crown. Kimi’s in-laps for that final pitstop made all the difference. Those scorching laps gave him enough gap over Massa that he could just come out ahead of the Brazilian to win the race. Some might want to call it a team order, but I don’t quite think so, it was Kimi’s pace rather than anything else which won it for him. I do feel for Massa that he couldn’t win the home Grand Prix again, but then I’m sure he will get more chances for that. Kimi deservingly won the title and after all those heartbreaking season at McLaren he won it with Ferrari in his first attempt. And also I think that the first corner of the race defined a lot of things, but ultimately it was the gearbox problems which ruined the day for Lewis. I’m sure he must be feeling bad about that but still his achievements have been far more impressive. Rosberg, Kubica and Heidfeld too had a great battle of their own for the fourth place. It was Rosberg’s best finish till date. Kubica and Heidfeld were as always consistent and BMW finishes as the runners up in the championship. I must admit its a great achievement for the team.

It was a really memorable season and certainly provided a lot of excitement, be it the spy scandal, be it Lewis Hamilton or be it anything. F1 wins in the end as still being among the most exiting sport.