Firefox Focus: Download YouTube Videos Easily

This time in my Firefox Focus series we have Easy YouTube Video Downloader – For Simple And Fast Direct Video Downloads.

YouTube is a VERY popular website and we all know that. And many a times we feel like saving some video to view it later, or even watch it offline. There are so many ways to do that, but I’ve not seen an easier way to do it than this. All you need is a click!

Easy YouTube Video Downloader
Easy YouTube Video Downloader

As shown in the screenshot, you’ll find some links which lets you save the videos directly to your PC. It is really that simple! Just click and it will ask you to save it. Select the save option and save it wherever you want. Done!

Happy YouTube Viewing 🙂

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Google Bookmarks – Managing Bookmarks Made Easy

We all use bookmarks, and chances are we have lot of websites bookmarked in our favorite browser. And we don’t always remember each and every bookmark we have in the browser. Now you are not on your regular computer and you don’t have your bookmarks in this PC at a cyber cafe, or your university or office, or anywhere else. And you wanted to access that webpage you bookmarked last week, but you can’t recall it. So how can you still access that bookmark? Although there are lot of bookmark syncing addons available for Firefox for that, but for that one needs to install the addon in the browser. Google Bookmarks on the other hand lets you store your bookmarks in your Google account and which you can access from anywhere by either the Google Toolbar or the Google Bookmarks web page. You can export or import the OPML files to and from Google Bookmarks, even import bookmarks from Firefox using the Google Toolbar. It makes it easy to access your bookmarks from anywhere just from your Google Account. The best part is that it always acts as a backup, should anything catastrophic happen to your browser or your PC. You always have a copy of the list of your favorite websites in your Google Account.


Firefox Focus: AutoPager Addon

In continuation of the promised Firefox Focus series, its time for another very useful Firefox Addon which is a must have.

Now fancy this, we all Google a lot. And although Google is fairly accurate in the search results, and you do find things you were looking for in the first page itself, but sometimes you end up checking out some 20-30 pages or even more. More so if you are searching on Google Images. Isn’t it a repetitive process to hit the next link everytime you’re done with a page of search result? And not just Google, a lot of other websites which has paginated content give us the same situation. What if you didn’t have to hit that next button? What if the content of the next page loads right below the first page content? Wouldn’t it make our lives easier? Yes it would and Yes its possible, all thanks to this wonderful Firefox Addon: AutoPager

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It works on most of the popular websites on the internet like Google, Digg, Twitter, deviantART, and many many more.


Firefox Focus: Table Addons

Starting with this post, I’ll regularly post about some very useful Firefox addons, which really help me with various tasks/things. You might be already using some of those which I mention, but just incase you missed any, here they are. So to kick off the series, I found 2 very cool addons for using tabular data on a webpage.

Quite often I come across some webpages which has some tabular data, and I need to copy that to a spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel. Firefox lets you select individual cells by pressing Ctrl and clicking the particular cell, but when you paste it in Excel, its pasted in a single cell. Not exactly how I wanted it to be. So I came across these 2 fantastic Firefox addons which not only solves this problem, but also gives you more ways to make use of the data.

This is the addon for the basic problem of copy pasting tabular data in Excel, which it does pretty neatly. Just right click on the web page where the tabular data is and select “Copy whole table”, and it copies the data on the clipboard. Now paste it in Excel and you’ll have it just the way you wanted. Pretty useful.
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This is a much advanced addon, and it lets you even sort the table, right there, in a webpage. You can filter the data, and even export it as text delimited and some more formats.
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Firefox 3 is released

So after much fanfare and anticipation, Firefox 3 was released at 22:30 Indian Standard Time, and thats when all hell broke loose as the Firefox Download Day arrived as they attempt a Guiness World Record .

11:42:06 PM IST: Servers are down, I can’t access,, seems to work but the download button takes me to firefox 2’s download page.

12:12:48 AM IST: Still the same situation

1:12:01AM IST: Now its the opposite, I can access and, but now is down. Anyways I’m downloading my copy of Firefox 3 now…finally

1:18:05 AM IST: Found this “ web traffic is pushing well over 2 Gigabits a second of just pure HTTP traffic. That is in addition to the 13 Gigabits a second or so of download traffic. We are still at around 14,000 download/minute and is responding well! Go Mozilla community and IT team!”
BTW Firefox downloaded and installed

1:42:54 AM IST: is back online, and and are also online.

2:41:40 AM IST: All the sites are working fine. Its too late in the night, I’ll goto sleep now, and will download at my office as well.

10:28:04 AM IST: All the sites are still working fine. I downloaded one in my office and installed it.

So Firefox is installed and as expected a few of the Firefox 2 addons are not compatible. Their new versions should come out eventually in a few days. As for the mozilla servers, it seems like the servers are in much better shape now as all the sites are online.

Man its so fast! Its really a big improvement atleast in terms of browsing speeds. Sites load so fast in it, and things are working fine, no crashes or anything like that. I just love Firefox.