Firefox Focus: AutoPager Addon

In continuation of the promised Firefox Focus series, its time for another very useful Firefox Addon which is a must have.

Now fancy this, we all Google a lot. And although Google is fairly accurate in the search results, and you do find things you were looking for in the first page itself, but sometimes you end up checking out some 20-30 pages or even more. More so if you are searching on Google Images. Isn’t it a repetitive process to hit the next link everytime you’re done with a page of search result? And not just Google, a lot of other websites which has paginated content give us the same situation. What if you didn’t have to hit that next button? What if the content of the next page loads right below the first page content? Wouldn’t it make our lives easier? Yes it would and Yes its possible, all thanks to this wonderful Firefox Addon: AutoPager

Get the addon

It works on most of the popular websites on the internet like Google, Digg, Twitter, deviantART, and many many more.

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