The Dark Knight for Oscar

If you believed that sometimes people forget giving credit where its due, time to think again. The Dark Knight, aka TDK, has been breaking records and is going to hit the $1 billion mark at the box office soon, and the fans and Warner Bros are making efforts that Dark Knight atleast makes it to the nominations for the 2008 Academy Awards aka the Oscars. The latest from this effort has been the “Dark Campaign“, which has been making news. Especially for that poster which got the Joker treatment and their video. I’m a big time Batman fan and for me The Dark Knight was some kind of a Batgasm. It was really a superb sequel to a already superb movie Batman Begins; more on the superbness in my Batman Begins Review & Dark Knight Review. Anyways Dark Campaign has a very strong message in their About Page, and it surely is a great effort at the grassroots levels.

Watch the video for the campaign on the Dark Campaign page:

Please popularize this video and lets bring the message infront of as many people as possible. This movie deserves the recognition.

Also the poster which I was talking about is created by Josh MC

Get the full size version from here.

My personal view is that this movie should get the nominations and then go on to win them, primarily for Christopher Nolan in Best Director and Heath Ledger in Best Actor in a Supporting Role. Heath Ledger especially deserves the award for his superlative performance in the movie. With news about Warner Bros to Re-Release The Dark Knight on Jan. 23, it should only add weight to the whole idea.

The Dark Knight for the Oscars!


Batman Begins Review

Batman Begins Poster

Saw Batman Begins this Sunday. A real cool movie. The best Batman movie till date. The movie showed what really Batman was and how came into existence the “dark knight”. The most interesting scenes were the car (if u call it a car, I call it a tank) chase scenes. Really fantastic. All the actors/actressed picked to play the characters justified their roles. All did a solid job. Especially the relationship between Alfred and Bruce Wayne is very well depicted in the movie. How Alfred helped Batman in many occasions was a part which was missing in the previous Batman movies.