Premier League 2007-08 Preview

Premier League 2007-08 Preview

Premier League Logo

The sixteenth season of top flight English football begins the next weekend, the 11th of August 2007, when the English premier league kicks off one of the most interesting seasons of premiership. Its been a big spending transfer season, and teams like Manchester United and Liverpool have now started to match Chelsea in the spending department. Chelsea interestingly didn’t do much on the big money deals but still managed to get some quality players in free transfers. But it was United and Liverpool who grabbed the limelight with big deals involving some big names like Torres, Nani, Anderson, Hargreaves and that much controversial deal of Tevez . Defending Champions Manchester United will be fighting to win the tenth Premier League title, with Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal trying to stop that from happening.

The pre season is always an exiting time for any club, new players coming in, some going out, new kits, new sponsors, lots of new things. Clubs have high hopes from a new season, the new players bring that fresh feeling, and then you always feel that this is your season to do and improve over last season. Not every club is able to do that, some fail, some succeed and some just about does it to satisfy the board and the fans. Lets see then whom do we feel will succeed and who will not.


Rhain Davis – The new prodigy at Manchester United

These days one kid is attracting the media’s attention. Rhain Davis.

Now first watch this video:

Now you must be awestruck at the stuff this young kid does. Stepovers, 360s, dribbles like a pro, I mean no wonder Manchester United invited this nine-year-old to the academy. He’s already being said as the next “Wayne Rooney”. The kid’s grandpa send a DVD of Davis playing with an Under-10 team in Australia to Manchester United who were impressed and invited him all the way from Australia to England.

A lot is being said about the young lad, but its a big test for him to take, and only if he manages to pass the tests and survives in the football world. He will have to pass the annual cut and then earn a full time scholarship at age 12. And if he does that, who knows we might see him someday playing at Old Trafford! Good Luck kid! The world is watching you.


Nike Total 90 Laser

I went to the mall on Sunday, and I saw that Nike had some new range of football boots. The new Total 90, Tiempo, the Ronaldinho 10R, (the Mercurial were still missing) and amongst them there was one which attracted special attention from me. They were the T90 Lasers!!!

Here is the official word about it:
“The Nike Total 90 Laser is the new boot choice of England and Manchester United”s Wayne Rooney, creating a revolutionary enhancement of the Total 90 series.

Applying the learning from sports like golf or tennis, the expanded Sweet Spot on the Nike Total 90 Laser allows the athlete to maximise shooting and passing accuracy through better boot to ball alignment and targeting.

Unique precision rings create optimum trajectrory, spin and distance control. Twisted medial rings provide more agggressive contact, enhancing ball spin and swerve opportunities.”

I could recognize those bright yellow boots anywhere! I just went and picked it up in my hands and boy it was amazing! I’ve been viewing the Nike site quite often of late and saw the new boots there, but never thought when I would ever see it in real, but there it was. I was delighted to see and touch them! It had amazing quality finish, the sole had a good pack of studs and blades. The uppers were just oozing quality. Awesome sweet spot, I wish I could have them, but the price tag was way beyond my reach. Anyways was a great boot to have a look at.

Please do visit the Nike site for more cool videos and stuff about the T90s. The “Put it where you want it” Video is great, with the kick showed in various angles. Do watch it!

Some Pics:
Nike Total 90 Laser

Nike Total 90 Laser

Nike Total 90 Laser


The Tevez and Ferrari espionage controversies

These days, two controversies have grabbed the sports media’s attention. First being the Carlos Tevez’s ownership question and the other being the Ferrari espionage controversy. Both have questioned some issues, the solution to which isn’t easy to find out. Lets see what exactly happened:


2007 Formula One Season Preview

I’ve never seen a F1 season so unpredictable as this one. You can’t bet your money on anyone or anything. Biggest changes are: No Michael Schumacher, no Michelin, no Ross Brawn, and certainly no Fernando Alonso in a Renault. It’s a complete change at a lot of ends, which makes the season more so unpredictable. Things will be very interesting in the initial part of the season, although things won’t be clear as to who will dominate, if at all someone does manage to, to win the title convincingly.


Michael Schumacher – A class act to the end

Formula One Career
Active years 1991 – 2006
Team(s) Jordan, Benetton, Ferrari
Grands Prix 250
Championships 7 (1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004)
Wins 91
Podium finishes 154
Pole positions 68
Fastest laps 76
First Grand Prix 1991 Belgian Grand Prix
First win 1992 Belgian Grand Prix
Last win 2006 Chinese Grand Prix
Last Grand Prix 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix

Formula One records

As of the end of the 2006 Formula One Season, Michael Schumacher holds the following F1 records:

Career Records:

Most championship titles: 7
Most consecutive championship titles: 5
Most race wins: 91
Most consecutive race wins: 7 (in 2004 – European GP, Canadian GP, United States GP, French GP, British GP, German GP, Hungarian GP)

This record is shared with Ascari, who won the last


Karthikeyan Confirmed for 2007

Narain Karthikeyan

WilliamsF1 today confirmed the re-appointment of Narain Karthikeyan (IND) as one of the team’s official test drivers for the 2007 season.

Karthikeyan, who joined the squad in 2006, will add a vital element of continuity to the team’s test and development programme as WilliamsF1 forms a new technical alliance with Toyota in 2007. Narain piloted the partnership’s first collaborative efforts on track at Silverstone earlier this month with an interim FW28B carrying the Toyota V8 and the new Williams gearbox and he will continue to spearhead the intensive testing programme into 2007 with the launch of the FW29.

As Formula One moves to a single tyre supplier for next season, Narain’s detailed Bridgestone experience will be invaluable to the team, given his racing experience with the Toyota-powered Jordan and Bridgestone in 2005 and testing with Williams in 2006.

On confirmation of Narain’s re-appointment, WilliamsF1 Team Principal, Frank Williams said, “Next year will be an important year for Williams with the transition to Toyota power and so it is now clear that we will be well positioned with the continuity and benefit of Narain’s experience. His appointment is extremely popular within the team because he is hard working, conscientious and capable in the car. It is also significant that Narain carries with him India’s growing Formula One interests, which is very exciting.”

For his part, Narain responded, “Naturally as a racing driver, my first priority is to compete, but I would far rather test with a leading team than accept a race seat that offered no real potential to learn and develop. Next season is extremely important for Williams with the new partners at Toyota. Williams is a team that exists only to race and I hope that whatever I can contribute to this ultimate objective will be valued by the team.”



FA Premier League 2006/2007 Preview

Barclays Premier League Logo
For once again the English soccer is about to grip you for next year or so. And it’s about time. The World Cup finished long ago. Soccer fans were dying to see some quality football action. So good news, English football is back!!! And back for good, for this season a lot is at stake. Not only this will be chance for the reigning champs Chelsea’s chance to make it three in a row, but also for some players. Some