Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Review

Poster of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

I had been waiting for the sequel ever since I came to know about it. The first movie was a pretty entertaining one, and easily managed to enter my elite list of favorite movies. And not without reason, the movie was entertaining, had lots of humour, it had Keira Knightley, but the best part of the movie was Johnny Depp. Jack Sparrow was the main character of course and the whole plot revolves around him.

So I went for the movie this Sunday, along with my friends to this new theatre, PVR Sahara.
In the second movie we again have the same characters, along with some new ones. The sequels always generate huge expectations, certainly I had some expectations too, and wasn’t disappointed after coming out of the movie. The movie has the same essence and flavor as the first one, but somewhere it had that zing missing. Nevertheless the movie has great entertaining value. Jack Sparrow again manages to impress with his humour. Keira Knightley looked great. Orlando Bloom did a good job with his character of Will Turner. The plot was interesting and had you gripped, the action scenes were well choreographed. Effects were very nice. In the end certainly a must watch movie, and it does a great job in leaving the viewers guessing about whats going to happen in the third movie. As the end of the movie brings back their old enemy. I’m not gonna spill out the details, watch it yourselves, but the ending really makes things interesting in the next movie. It will retain Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom as the actors and is slated for a May 25, 2007 release.

I give it 8 out of 10.

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hmmmm…nice review,slick! this is the only movie which made me fan of depp..and yea keira looked hot in this:X:X:X

Already heard so much of this movie that I am dying to see it. It’s so sad, not have watch this one after the great first part. great review, keep it up man.

Cool Blog Bro Congratulations man :party:

I have seen this movie it’s ROCK man espically the action cum comedy scenes are cool & its third part will be releasing in next year can’t wait till than 🙂

I saw this movie too. Frankly speaking except the Special Effect (Action), didn’t find anything special in it :(.

I guess the tentacles of the octopus like creature was awsome. didn’t like the plot, the story, the climax .. we all were sitting and yawing in the threater. Believe it or not one of my friend was listening to FM Radio on his mobile lol..


[…] In the end of Dead Man’s Chest, Will, Elizabeth, and company were with Tia Dalma, who offered them the chance to rescue Captain Jack Sparrow. She says they will need a captain, “who knows those waters,” prompting the reappearance of Captain Barbossa, who was believed to be dead. The last movie then left some questions unanswered: First: How the hell did Barbossa reappear? Second: How the hell could Jack be swallowed by a giant squid? Errr….that ugly Kraken. There might be some more questions in your mind, but never mind, the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End is here to answer all those questions. […]

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