Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem Preview

AvP is coming back! And its promising. The sequel to 2004’s Alien vs. Predator is releasing on 25th December 2007, Christmas Day. Its not directed by Paul Anderson this time though. Brothers Strause are directing this one. I saw the trailer today and it really looks good to me. Now what I can figure out from the plot is this, the space ship lands on Earth, come aliens come out, predators are ofcourse there where the aliens are, and then some earthlings too who will shout, run, spill blood, cry for mercy and eventually win and remove the aliens and predators. So the aliens come, and some humans find themselves in the same area where the aliens landed, they get hunted and facehuggers hug them, and then the chestbursters come out. Its said that Predalien, a Alien/Predator hybrid, will also feature in the movie, as in the end of the prequel, Alien vs. Predator, an alien chestburster came out of the dead predator. So that would be interesting to watch. So I’m waiting for its release and will definitely like to watch it.

Watch the trailer on the Official Website. It requires age verification as its rated R for restricted.

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