Winamp 5.5: 10th Anniversary Edition

Winamp Main Window

I casually went to to look for a lyrics plugin but to my surprise there was this new version of Winamp, which surprisingly the inbuilt update feature didn’t notify me about. Anyways the screen shot of the player grabbed my attention in an instant. It looks great, really. Its a “10th Anniversary Edition” with the version Winamp 5.5.

Winamp Media Library

It was released on October 10, 2007, I got it last night. A 8.21 MB download for the basic free version, which is what you need actually. There are two more bundles, one with an additional video and other the paid “Pro” version which I don’t need thank you very much. Anyways I downloaded it last night and installed it. The installer has also been changed a bit, its now a 3 point installation. It also comes with a new skin now, dubbed “Bento”, which looks great in the default black. A “Completely Redesigned Interface”, it has now a better font and stuff for the media library and has bigger height by default, good thing, although the playlist is now a bit too small a window, you can ofcourse change that. Moving back to the media library, it now has a album art view, those who don’t know what it is, album art means the cover of the album. So if your music file has an album cover in it, it will show on the player, and also on the song notification if u turn it on. It even lets u update album art and media information for the file, didn’t try it out much, as I tried it on only one file which didn’t get updated.

Anyways, its a great rework and my favorite audio player just got better.

Download Winamp from here

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