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I went to the Auto Expo 2008

So this happens to be my second visit to the Auto Expo, the 9th Auto Expo, held again like always in Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. It was pretty much the same as last time. Most of the exhibits were same, but there were some new additions, and some missing ones. Last time I missed out on taking pictures, but this time I had my 1.3 megapixel equipped mobile phone. Although nowhere close to a fully fledged digital camera but still serves the purpose, and the photo quality is pretty much OK.

We got into the place at around 4:30pm or 5:00pm, don’t remember exactly, it was still a bit late then I wanted, but so be it. Things don’t always go your way does it? So we started our walk starting from the Autocar India stall, which had a cool looking Lamborghini Gallardo, again like last time, and this time I took some pics as well. It looks awesome every time you look at it. The sleek looks, the great presence it has, the big wheels, the striking headlights, it’s just too irresistible. We then moved towards the 2 wheeler hall. We first got into the Yamaha stall, where we saw the big cruisers; the first one we saw was a V-Twin. It was mammoth size, and with big discs to pull the anchors on the heavy machine. Then we saw the racing bike from the MotoGP, the Yamaha M1 racer. Rossi’s bike looks great. The carbon fibre discs were looking great, so was the complete build. There was the racing gear with the Yamaha overalls next to the bike. Next to it were some more bikes from the Yamaha stable. There were to legendary Yamaha bikes, the RD350 and the RX100. They are still in the memories of among the best the Indian market ever had.

We then moved onto the Honda pavilion. We saw the Honda MotoGP racer, driven by Nicky Hayden. The bike looks amazing, the livery is really great. Then they had some CBRs, the Fireblades. We then moved over to the Suzuki pavilion. It was pretty much the same as last year. The Suzuki Hayabusa was there again. It’s a hell of a bike, so big and heavy. We then got into General Motors’ hall. We saw a GT Racing model of Chevrolet, the Cadillac, and the Hummer. Each one of them was different from one another but all of them equally fantastic cars. We then moved onto the Renault display, and man I have an eye to recognize a F1 car from distance or what. The “T” above the F1 car caught my eyes in the middle of the crowd. Upon moving closer I couldn’t feel my eyeballs enlarging. Yessss! It’s here, the F1 car! The Renault F1, wow, so big, so sleek, so wonderfully amazing piece of machinery. The closest you can get to the real thing. Took lots of snaps from each direction, and gazed it long and long again. Then we saw the Renault Twingo, a decent small car.

Then we got inside the luxury car area. Man this was the place to be, Audis, Mercs, Beemers, Skodas. WOW! Saw an Audi A6 right at the main entrance of the hall. And just on the left after you enter the hall was the Mercedes SLK. Really a great looking car, and has a great presence. The front of the car is very striking and attractive. Next to it were the regular Mercedes models, the C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, and the SUV M-Class. Then was the Audi display, with the A8, in golden color, greeting us. It’s a great looking car, but the car next to it was even better. The Audi TT, man what a car, it’s really the car you want to have, great looks, amazing feeling one would have. Then there was the Audi SUV, and the other Audi models, the A4, A6 and the Audi Le Mans racer. Now this is something which you don’t see very often. It’s a really special car. It made automobile history by winning the Le Mans, as being the only diesel which has done so.

Then we saw the Fiats. Not much to see there, we saw the main attraction of the show, the Tata Nano in the Tata pavilion. It had caught the media’s eye, but not mine. Looks more like a toy car to me, not my kind of car, but yeah it would be good for those who want a bare minimum car for the least possible price tag. They then had the other models of Tata, the new Indica, I must admit looks really good. Striking big headlamps and the big grill gives it a grand appeal. It would go well with the car lovers I’m sure. Then they had some trucks and buses from the commercial segment, with the low-floor CNG bus too on display, which is being run by DTC as well. We then saw the Skoda area, the Fabia and other siblings from the Skoda stable were on display. Then came the BMW. I’m in love with German automobiles I must say. They really know how to make great cars, well Italy still holds the distinction thanks to Ferrari and Lamborghini, but then Germans are good too. The BMW 5-Series was the first one we saw. It looks amazing; the headlamps lend it a massive appeal and presence. But the M3 was the best one out there, it’s a great car, pretty much like the Audi TT, it’s a great car. Then there was the BMW 7-Series and the X5 SUV. Volvo was also present with a few of their cars, one a convertible, which had a retractable roof, which they showed how it retracts itself inside the boot and vice versa.

Then we moved towards the big hall 6. It had Honda and Hyundai on display. It must be my lucky day, I saw another F1 car! A Honda F1 this time, not that appealing the earth livery it had, but F1 cars are great no matter what livery it has. Then there were 2 of my favorite cars, the Accord and the Civic. Both of them are some wonderful designs by Honda. They also had a good looking car too, dunno what the name was though. We then went to Hyundai area, but what the…they started putting on the covers, Blimey! Its 7 already I said to myself in amazement. The time flew and we didn’t even felt it was closing time for the show. I wish we could come a bit early. I missed the Mitsubishi, I’m sure they must have had a stall, they had on display my all time favorite, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, wish I could catch another view of it and maybe even take a snap or two. But it was not to be and we started our way back to home.

Another memorable visit to the grand and massive show it is. You need ample amount of time and energy to enjoy the whole event. It’s a must go show for any person remotely interested in automobiles. It’s a great place for automobile freaks like me, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Here is my album from the event.

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