Codemasters secures official FORMULA 1 license

Yes you read that right. Thats the title of the email I got in Codemasters’s newsletter, and I’m so very happy about that.

The mailer said “We’ve secured the exclusive rights to make games based on the world’s biggest motorsport series – FORMULA 1 – and just had to let you know.

Building on the success of GRID and DiRT, Codemasters Studios is leading the design and development of the games, across multiple formats, using a new evolution of the fantastic EGO Engine technology. The first game’s expected to launch in 2009, and will feature all the Grand Prix circuits, teams, cars, and driver likenesses from that season.

Discuss this news, and more, in the official Codemasters F1 forum.”

So like they say we can expect the game as early as next year…which is great. I’ve been dying to play a latest Formula 1 racing game. The last PC version of F1 game came out from EA Sports in 2002, after which Sony got the license and the game was exclusive only to PlayStation users, which totally sucks, coz there are many PC gamers around the world who love F1. Grand Prix 4 is still very popular among F1 racers and thanks to the communities alive and very lively contribution from the members there, GP4, as its famously known, is still the favorite F1 racing sim out there, much due to the huge modding capabilities.

Codemasters is known for the superb Colin McRae rally series, and F1 game should be equally good. Can’t just wait for the game to come out.

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Yeah EA were the last company to have a license for PC version. Then Sony got it and made it exclusive to PlayStation. Thanks to Codemasters we’ll play it on PC again 😀

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