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Happy Birthday!

So today is my 23rd Birthday, 23 years, jeez I’m getting old!!! he he…no but I hate getting older, I know everyone does, but in my case I just can’t have enough of it, these days, can’t just let them go. Anyways, since my last birthday, I have got some new stuff, my phone, my new PC, and some more stuff, most importantly I have learnt a lot in life in all these 23 years and there will be a lot to learn and understand life. A lot is still there in store for me, and I hope things get better and better. Ok enough of this crap, I really have no plans about the day, its 12:29 AM as I’m writing this, I have a whole day to think about it, I’ll goto work, probably meet a few friends after that then have a nice dinner with my family, I guess thats it. Lets see how things work out.

By Rohit

I'm a simple guy, love Formula 1(Ferrari), football (Manchester United), love computers, gaming, learning multimedia.

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