The Fuel Great Indian Rock XII 2008

The Fuel Great Indian Rock 2008
The Fuel Great Indian Rock 2008

Like I promised in my The Fuel Great Indian Rock XII 2008 Preview, here is the account of my visit to the Great Indian Rock, aka GIR. I went on both the days in the Delhi part of GIR, which were on 1st and 2nd November held in Hamsadhwani Theater, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The tickets costled Rs. 250 this time. The queue was too long on both the days but we still somehow managed to get in thanks to some friends. And like last time, this time again there were some security checks. But inside it was less strict an affair, with the bouncers not getting much in the act of stopping moshing. The show started more than an hour late then the scheduled time of 5:00pm mentioned in the tickets.

On Day 1 we had Frequency, Cynaide, Kryptos, Sahg and Freak Kitchen. Frequency weren’t that good, dissappointed somewhat. Kryptos were very good. Cynaide also performed well. Sahg again disappointed me with the locals, guitaring was great. Freak Kitchen impressed somewhat with good performance.

On Day 2 we had Level 9, which sucked big time. The vocals of the female lead singer were more like a pop singer rather than a rock singer. Undying INC was very good, so were Them Clones. Scribe were fine, but the last of them all was the best of them all. Satyricon took a while to come on, after never ending sound checks and stuff. But it was worth the wait. The crowd went crazy the moment they took stage. And they gave a fantastic performance which we throughly enjoyed. They even played Mother North, a very nice track, with fantastic guitaring. I enjoyed day 2 more than day 1 mostly due to Satyricon.

And after two days of attending GIR I have a pain in the neck due to the great deal of headbanging I did.

The Fuel Great Indian Rock 2008 Official Website

Some pictures from the show at my Webshots Album

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dude,,,please tell me the sites from which i can get the audio cds or downloadable files of cyanide,bhayanak maut,kryptos,sahg and freak kitchen….\m/etal rocks

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