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Searching for trains made easy

“ – Better Way To Search Trains” and really its as simple as ABC. Gone are those days when you had to visit Indian Rail website to check for trains and availability status, enter and it redefines the way you search for trains. Gone is that tedious task of selecting the options spread in various pages, eRail gives you all the options in a single page, and u never leave the page. Everything is neatly provided in the same page.

After you open the website, the first thing you need to do is to select the source and destination stations, then you select the date of departure, which unlike the Railways website, provides a calendar view, which makes it easy to select your journey date. You then have the option to select the quota. Usually its general, unless you are looking for a tatkal reservation. Then you select the link in the middle of the header where it gives the names of the 2 stations, which u selected in the from and to station menus. After you click on the link, you get a list of the trains for the given route. Now here all the columns are sortable, so can sort the list of trains in whichever way you want, be it the train number, Departure and Arrival times, and even the journey length, suppose you were looking for a train with the least time taken to cover the journey, just sort it by the travel column and the train with the quickest journey comes on top. It also gives the information regarding which day(s) the train runs in a week. Then the list of the class of coach, which the train has, in order to check the availability status, you just click on that Av link, and the site queries the Railway website and gives you the result in the bottom half of the site. Another very useful thing about the site is that when you click on the train number, you get further information about the train, as the route, various fares for different classes, and even the train schedule. Then there is a map link, which shows the highlighted route over a map of India, which further gives you the idea of the train route. You can even check the status of your ticket by entering the PNR number in the “Get PNR Status” option. And also the running status of the train. Suppose you need to recieve someone at the station, but there are chances that the train may be late, you can use this service, it updates the train’s realtime status, although not exactly realtime, but still gives a fair idea of how late the train is running. So you don’t end up at the station waiting for an eternity for the train to arrive.

So this site is certainly useful, especially for those you regularly travel by train and need to check often about their favorite trains, thanks to eRail, train searching is really made simple.