Happy Winter-een-mas!


First of all you must be wondering what sorta holiday is “Winter-een-mas! So this is all about this wonderful holiday:

What is Winter-een-mas?

Winter-een-mas is a holiday of sorts. More specifically, it is a celebration of video games and the people that play them. Video games allow us to do things, go places, see stuff, that we couldn’t do in real life. They can be an escape from reality, a release after a long day, a fun activity with friends, or just an enjoyable way to pass time. They give us a lot of entertainment. So why shouldn’t they be celebrated?

When exactly is Winter-een-mas?

Winter-een-mas lasts for a whole week, which is always the very last week in January, the 25th through the 31st. The entire month of January constitutes the Winter-een-mas season, very similar to the “christmas season”, where people begin to gear up for the holiday, and get into the spirit of things.

Celebrate Winter-een-mas!

There are tons of ways to celebrate this great holiday! Check out these useful links to get started:

Frequently Asked Questions

Winter-een-mas Events

Photo Gallery

Winter-een-mas Discussion

Origin of the Holiday


Official Winter-een-mas site

So this is all about Winter-een-mas. This is gonna be my first Winter-een-mas celebration, and I’m gonna have a party at my friend’s place. A LAN Party, with lots of games planned to be playing.
Thanks to Ethan for creating such a wonderful holiday for us gamers.
Long live the spirit of Winter-een-mas! Happy Winter-een-mas again everyone!

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