I saw a F1 car…again!

“Wow! What a car!” were the words when I cried out in amazement when I saw the McLaren MP4-21 this weekend. This was the second time I saw a F1 car right infront of me. Last time it was the Honda, but thanks to Johnnie Walker for briniging this car to town. Johnnie Walker has been marketing agggresivly in India recently using their partnership with Team McLaren Mercedes.Well last time I even managed to touch it, but this time I wasn’t so lucky, the people from the event management didn’t allow me to touch it this time. This time again I didn’t have a camera to get a picture with the car, but luckily the Johnnie Walker people had a cameraman to take the pictures and then give it to us, I chose for the e-mail medium for getting the image, and besides they weren’t giving instant prints at that moment, so I thought I was a good choice, so I got myself clicked with the car. And still I haven’t received the images from them. Tch Tch! So sad really! I’m still hoping that I will get it eventually. So I’m now wondering what will be the next car and when I’m gonna see it. Wait a minute I know!!! Its gonna be a Toyota! Thanks to Vijay Mallya and his Kingfisher Airlines marketing alliance with Toyota Racing, we might be able to see the car here as well like Johnnie Walker. So we are waiting Mr. Vijay Mallya. And yeah I will get a camera this time.

Update: I got the image from Johnnie Walker. See it below. Thanks a ton guys.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usClick on the image for a larger view.

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