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…and I lost my cellphone!

Yeah I did, and its a big loss for me, as it was my first ever cellphone, all my contacts were in it, I don’t know any of the numbers now, and I will have to get all those back by requesting everyone to let me know their numbers. Damn it sucks! I kept it in my jacket pocket, and while riding on my way back to home, it slipped out of my pocket, and dunno where he hell did I loose it. I know its my mistake and I should have kept it in a more secure place, but heck, its gone now, I’ve got the number blocked and hope to get the new SIM with the same number back today.

It sucks big time when such a thing happens to you. Although I had to change the phone sooner than later, as the loudspeaker was going nuts, and the ringtone didnt sound at times, and even the 5 key didnt work at times, and required some serious effort to press it. So no hard feelings for the loss of the phone, but the SIM card…yes, a BIG loss, its a tough job to get all those contacts, SMSs and a lot of other stuff back. Well now its another tough time to choose a right cellphone, the one which suits you, and I hate this thing. For the record it was a Nokia 3120 with Hutch Prepaid connection which I lost.
So here is a request to all my friends to kindly email me at with their name and number, so that I can have them with me again. Sorry for the small trouble, but damn I can’t help it. I will be greatly appreciated if my friends mail me their numbers. Or wait for a new blog post about my new phone (damn!) and the resuming of my cellular services and then SMS me their phone number. Thank You!

By Rohit

I'm a simple guy, love Formula 1(Ferrari), football (Manchester United), love computers, gaming, learning multimedia.

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