Great Indian Rock 2007…

This happens to be my first ever visit to a rock show, and boy did I like it. It was awesome, mind blowing, and kick ass. I went with my friends to the venue, Hamsadhwani Open Air Theatre, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The show started at around 5:15 but only with some initial sound checks and all. The show finally began some minutes later with Out of the Blue starting off with the proceedings. It was a fine band, nice music, and overall a fine performance, then came Boomarang. This band’s guitarist was really awesome, fantastic really. Entertaining performance from them, and quite a good ones from the 4-5 they sang. Then the Medusa came along, not bad, nothing great either. III Sovereign was quite awesome. Some awesome guitarists, singing, and music. Bhayanak Maut followed them, yes a strange name, but thats rock. This band is really fantastic and kicks ass. Their lead singer was really good, with good support from the guitarists and the drummer. They performed Black Label from Lamb of God for us, and a lot of great tracks. Finally arrived the Norwegian band, Enslaved. Boy it was fucking awesome. Mind blowing, rocking show from these guys. Thats what this genre is all about, and they really filled the air with their superb music.

The arrangements were fine by Indian standards, OK security inside, although we went through six checks before entering inside!!! The lights and effects were good with 2 big screens covering the event for the backseaters. We stood right in front of the stage, and it was a great experience from the front row. And yeah two hot chicks were standing right next two me, and boy they did some serious head banging. They were so well in sync with their head movements and their hairs, ooo, so sexy. It flowed and occasionally stroked my face. They rocked really!
The show finally ended at around 10:15, and we went back home. My neck had been paining for all the head banging I did, the legs were aching thanks to the 5 hours standing along with a lot of knee and thighs muscle movements. A great end to a great weekend.

By Rohit

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